Q: What are the shipping charges?

A: I ship via Priority Mail, charges are usually $6.00-$15.00, and will vary due to weight.

Q: Can I pick up my order and save the shipping charges?

A: Yes! I live in central Florida, in Sorrento. I am happy to arrange a pick up location with you in the area, or you can come by my studio, at 25025 Derby Drive.

Q: How do I make a payment?

A: I currently accept PayPal (online credit card and e-check payments), checks (personal or business) and money orders.

A NOTE ABOUT CHECKS: All checks (including e-check payments through PayPal) take approximately 3-4 business days to clear. This time is additional to processing and shipping time. Orders are not processed until all funds are cleared.

A NOTE ABOUT CREDIT CARDS: I cannot take your credit card information over the phone or via email. Credit card payments must be processed through PayPal.

Q: What is the postage to mail the invitations?

A: As of January 2011, the postage surcharge was an additional $0.20 each, so with the stamp price at $0.44, you would need a $0.64 stamp. I strongly suggest that you check with your post office before purchasing stamps, as these rates could increase.

The Post Office charges extra as the invitations are square and must be hand stamped.

Q: Do your invitations come in "normal" sizes?

A: My invitations are sized at 5 1/2 inches square. They fit into envelopes that are 6 inches square. I chose this specific size to work with as I felt it was distinctive and unique. If you feel strongly that you would prefer another size, I will be happy to work with you.

Q: What do the envelopes look like?

A. To see the envelopes, click here. If you would prefer another color or shape (like the pochette envelopes) please contact me for pricing.

Q: How do I order a sample?

A: Invitation Samples

ink jet printout of your text on plain paper $1.50
watercolor artwork and your text on paper sample $4.00
starfish and your text on paper sample $6.00
handmade paper and your text sample $7.00

(all pricing includes shipping & custom design work)

Custom Samples

A note on custom artwork:

If you are requesting a custom watercolor artwork, I strongly suggest that you order a sample. I want you to love your invitations, and sometimes my interpretation of “fun, squiggly lines in yellow and blue may not be the same as yours. I will send you several samples to choose from (for the cost of one), and then you know that you will be happy with the results.

Q: What fonts (or typefaces) are available for my invitation?

A: Please see fonts for a list of the fonts that I use most often. If you have something in mind that you don't see, I am happy to find it for you. There are millions of fonts out there!

Q: What if there are multiple fonts I'd like to "try on" on my invitation?

A: When ordering your invitations, if you are unsure of the font you'd like used, that's not a problem. Provide me with the fonts you're debating between on the contact form, and I'll provide you with your invitation proof to start in those fonts. Since your invitation is the main piece, once you see your wording in the given fonts, you'll be able to make your decision. I will then proceed to work on your remaining proofs (RSVP, etc.) in your newly decided on font.

Q: What should I include on my invitation?

A: Please see invitation wording help for help getting the wording or phrasing just right for your occasion and examples of each. Once you give me the details of your event, I will be happy to work with you on your wording.

Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: The best way is to use the contact form or you can email me at “anna@aminvitaions.com. You can also call me at 352-408-4888.

Q: What is the processing time for samples?

A: I typically try to have samples out via First Class Mail within 5-7 business days...at times it can be 5-14 business days, depending upon the number of requests received.

Q: Why do you charge for samples?

A: As a one person studio, it is time consuming to create, assemble, package and mail samples. One must consider the cost of the paper, the time for the design & artwork painting, and then the actual cost of mailing samples - it all adds up and can get quite expensive. By charging for samples, I ensure individuals order only those sample designs they are most interested in ordering for their event.

Q: Does the sample fee reflect the actual cost per invitation?

A: Not at all. Sample costs are based upon the time it takes me to assemble the invitation and then some materials fees.

Q: If an invitation order is placed, are the sample fees refunded?

A: No, they are not.

Q: What paper stock do you use?

A: All paper is made from 100% recycled materials.
The cardstock that I use is an 80 pound, two-sided card stock with true felted texture and a creamy smooth reverse side. This line is produced by 100% wind power through the purchase of renewable energy credits certified by Green-e.

The seeded paper is made from Lotka, and is tree free with a luxuriant feel. Lotka paper is made from the bark of the Daphne bush which regenerates naturally providing a renewable resource. This paper is acid free and your purchase will benefit the economic enterprise of rural craftspeople in Nepal.

The petal paper is 100% cotton, tree free and earth friendly. No chemicals or other agents are added to these papers to ensure that the process is as environmentally friendly as possible. Also, 100% post industrial waste recycled handmade paper is available upon request at no additional charge. These handmade papers are made in Washington.

Q: What type of ribbon do you offer?

A: The silk ribbon is unequaled in quality, beauty and variety. It is 100% hand-dyed, bias cut silk and is made in the USA. Ribbon colors vary as they are hand-dyed. Silk ribbons reflect light at many different angles, giving it a natural shine. It has a smooth, soft texture that is not slippery, unlike many synthetic fibers.

After an exhaustive search for the perfect blend of quality and affordability, I am proud to offer a line of fine double faced satin ribbon. The double faced satin ribbon is 100% polyester, comes in 49 colors at four widths. Processed with only environmentally friendly dyes and made in the USA.

Q: Do you offer custom designs?

A: Customization of any invitation design is always possible and welcome. By adding your own flare you help create an original work of art your guests will not only talk about, but keep as mementoes. Customization includes paper color, fonts used, ribbon color, different design layout etc.

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