As I am developing and streamlining my designs,
I have decided to discontinue the invitations in the 6 1/4" size
(they fit into an envelope that measures
an impressive 6 1/2 inches square).

All hand painted clearance invitations will be available in this size for a limited time at a reduced rate of $1.25 each!
(price includes natural envelope)

Now is the time to get your favorite at a clearance price!

Please note that this does NOT include the handmade paper, starfish, ribbon or raffia designs. Only natural envelopes are available at the clearance price.

ink jet printout of your text on plain paper $1.50
watercolor artwork and your text on paper sample $3.50
starfish and your text on paper sample $5.00
handmade paper and your text sample $5.50

(all prices include shipping and custom design work)

Custom Samples
A note on custom artwork:

If you are requesting a custom watercolor artwork, I strongly suggest that you order a sample. I want you to love your invitations, and sometimes my interpretation of “fun, squiggly lines in yellow and blue” may not be the same as yours. I will send you several samples to choose from (for the cost of one), and then you know that you will be happy with the results.

Also note, the postage to mail these invitations is $0.20 over the charge for postage, which as of July 2008 was $0.85.
Please take one invitation to the Post Office to weigh
before purchasing stamps!

Please contact me with any questions.

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