Thanksgiving Wording

Invitation wording samples and tips:
how to word a thanksgiving feast invitation

Did you decide to send out invitations to your Thanksgiving feast this year? Here are some sample invitation wordings to inspire you.

1) Join us for Thanksgiving dinner on
Thursday, November 25th
To give thanks for the many blessings
bestowed on our family

6543 Petersburg Lane
6:00 pm

Directions and map on back

2) There are few things we are more thankful for
Than having our family in our lives!
Help us celebrate Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25th
6785 Harper Lane
Peter and Janice’s Home

3) "It's time to eat turkey and yams
and cranberries too
just like the Pilgrims used to do!

Join us for a
Thanksgiving Day Feast"

4) "There's fresh pecan pie
and cranberry delight...
So much to give thanks for,
on this special night!
Please join us for Thanksgiving Dinner"

An invitation that I created for my Thanksgiving dinner this year.

It includes a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends."

This invitation features multiple layers of silk leaves in the warm shades of autumn. Backed with a handmade paper in a rich chocolate color, topped with a cardstock with hand torn deckle edges.
Please contact me for pricing.

5) "From our family to your family...
We hope you have a
wonderful Thanksgiving this year"

6) To family and friends we hold so dear
We want to share our bounty this year
At a special gathering to stay in touch
To count the blessings that mean so much

7) "Please be our guests on Thanksgiving Day
for feasting, reminiscing
and counting our blessings"

For something a little silly:

1) Gobble, Gobble!
After the Thanksgiving feast,
our bellies will Wobble, Wobble!

Join the Carver Family for Thanksgiving dinner
Thursday, November 25th
123 Oak Wood Drive
7:00 pm

Please respond by November 21st
to 352-483-1492

2) I can't imagine anybody else I'd rather be in a
Food-induced coma on the sofa with than you!

Come join the Elroy family on our gluttonous
Thanksgiving holiday!
Thursday, November 25th
397 Jones Blvd.
11:00 am

3) The turkey and ham have been laid to rest
So come join the Cantu family’s Thanksgiving fest!

Thursday, November 25th
413 Elm Road
6:30 pm

Directions and map to the Cantu family abode on back

4) The turkey has been basted and the table all set
All we need now is you as a guest!
Join us for a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king!

Thursday, November 25th
6534 Juniper Lane
7:30 pm

An invitation I created for my Thanksgiving dinner party, 2008
The above Thanksgiving Invitation features a thick cream cardstock base (made with 100% recycled materials) with a handmade Lotka paper band and a silk ribbon embellished with two brass maple leaf charms.
Please contact me for pricing.

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